As an online editor you are responsible for your site’s most important asset - your unique content. In addition to creating and aggregating your content, you must be able to easily showcase your best articles and multimedia, engage your readers in the content discovery process, and keep them on your pages longer through a better online experience.

Lingospot’s topic-centric solutions allow your readers to access your most relevant content based on a contextual self-segmentation of their interests. Specifically, by automatically linking key topics on your pages to Topic Portals, you are allowing your readers to dig deeper and discover more about the topics that they are most interested in. Most importantly, our patented technology ensures that our service selects all relevant topics on your pages, not just proper names, such as places, people and companies. Our Technology section provides a detailed overview of our topic recognition and ranking algorithms.

The benefits are clear. The automatic, dynamic hyperlinking of your articles to Topic Portals saves on editorial resources, improves your readers’ experience and increases page views and time spent on your site. In addition, through the Lingospot console, you have access to up-to-the minute data on the topics your readers are finding most engaging on your site.

Although fully automated, Lingospot’s services give you, the editor, complete control over your readers’ experience. Through the admin console, you can modify the topic selection algorithm by blocking specific topics, giving preference to others, and setting the number of topics to be selected per article. The content sources for the Topic Portals are also fully customizable and may include your site, partner sites, your blog network, or the entire content web. Content may be textual or multimedia, while users can initiate conversations around a topic right there, on your Topic Portal for the topic.

Please contact us to arrange a step-by-step walk through of our console.

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