Editorial Control

An important feature of the Lingospot platform is the ability to accommodate a wide range of editorial control. Typically, our service runs in one of the following modes:

  1. Fully Automated. In this mode, the editor need not do anything but sit back and let our technology do all the work. Our service begins by identifying all the topics on a page and then ranks them using our proprietary algorithm. As readers interact with topics, our service refines topic selection to give preference to topics that readers find most interesting. Of course, editors have the ability to block specific topics from being selected.
  2. Editorial Override Mode. This mode is similar to the fully automated mode, but editors are given several tools to make adjustments to the algorithm. For example, a financial publisher may elect to not have publicly traded companies selected as topics, since the publisher may be providing their own related content service about such companies. The editorial override mode offers tremendous flexibility to editors including blocked lists for topics, restrictions on the number of topics to be selected on a page, section-specific rules and much more.
  3. Pre-Approval Mode. The pre-approval mode is the most conservative mode of the Lingospot topic recognition algorithm, giving editors full control over an approved list of topics. In this mode, the editor may review lists of topics through the Lingospot console. Topics shown are the topics that would have been selected if the service was running in fully automated mode, but the editor must approve topics before they are selected. The list is ordered by most popular topics, and editors may bulk approve specific topic types (such as city names, baseball players, or U.S. colleges).

At any time, editors are free to switch between modes of the algorithm, moving from the pre-approval mode to the fully automated mode as they become more comfortable with the topic selection process. To find out more about our editorial controls, contact us to arrange a walk through of the Lingospot console.

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