Audience Development

As an audience development professional, you are charged with the critical task of driving your site’s overall traffic growth. By partnering with Lingospot you will have access to a rich set of tools that allow you to attract and retain new online visitors. Specifically, our services will help you:

  • increase your organic search rankings using SEO
  • attract new unique visitors to your site through community interlinking
  • drive longer return visits to your site via content segmentation

Launched as a search engine in 2002, Lingospot implemented an algorithm that ranks search results in much the same way as major search engines. While on the other side of the proverbial SEO fence, we developed deep expertise in search engine ranking algorithms. We leveraged this knowledge to design our Topic Portals service from the ground up with an eye towards maximizing SEO benefits. As a result, after launching Topic Portals on your site you can expect higher PageRank scores and improved organic search rankings of your pages. Our links, URLs and content are all optimized to give you a significant boost in your search engine audience acquisition.

Lingospot’s services also leverage community relationships to help you drive additional traffic to your articles and your Topic Portals. Our viral related content widgets allow bloggers to link to content from your site that are contextually related to the current post. This enriches the blog post and drives new, unique readers to your article pages. Bloggers may also install the Lingospot JavaScript that analyzes their posts, selects relevant topics and creates links back to your Topic Portals. In doing so, Lingospot allows you to extend your reach by building a content sharing community around your site. More information on how to best leverage Lingospot’s services for community interlinking is presented in the Network Builders section.

By using Lingospot’s Topic Portals, you empower your readers to explore the topics that they are most interested in and, in doing so, help them maximize the value they derive from your content. Bookmarking tools and topic-subscription features, allow your readers to stay engaged and dig deeper into your content, leading to longer, more frequent visits.

For more details about ways in which Lingospot can help you drive and retain new unique visitors to your site through SEO, community building or content segmentation, contact one of our audience development experts.

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