Network Builders

Network builders develop relationships with vertically focused publishers as well as advertisers seeking to target such vertical publishers. Lingospot’s software solutions adds a new dimension to the relationship between network builders and their publishers, while creating a new product for them to offer their advertisers.

For Publishers: Traffic Circulation. Circulating traffic within a network has multiple benefits. For the network builder, it creates more network page views and is an additional enticement for publishers to join a network. Publishers receive an overall increase in page views and associated revenues, while readers benefit from the opportunity to discover more content about the topics they are mostly interested in. Lingospot’s network content widget showcases contextually relevant articles from your publisher network. For example, if your network is about food and nutrition and a reader has just finished an article about the benefits of cranberry juice, she will have access to other articles talking about cranberry juice, or related antioxidant-rich berries from other publishers in your network.

For Advertisers: Topic Portals. Lingospot identifies the most compelling topics that your network’s publishers are writing about and creates dynamic Topic Portals, where content about a specific topic can be aggregated. Lingospot’s service then inserts dynamic links in your publishers’ articles pointing to such Topic Portals. What this means for you, the network builder, is that you’re able to offer your advertisers the level of targeting that was previously only available through SEM keyword buys. For example, for a travel-related network we could automatically generate Topic Portals for cities, countries, and exotic destinations around the world. Each of these Topic Portals would have topic-specific content from the publishers in the network and advertising that is very specific to the topic page, such as a special deal on tickets to Paris, if the topic happens to be France.

Lingospot’s console includes all the tools needed to manage and track content sharing and monitor Topic Portal specific advertising and content. Finally, as with all Lingospot services, our pricing is performance-based with no upfront costs or high monthly fees. Start by contacting us today to find out how you can take your network and revenue to the next level.

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