As an online publisher facing increased competition for revenues, you’re responsible for finding innovative ways to attract sponsors and ensure your site’s continued growth.

Lingospot’s services help you drive new revenues and improve your key site metrics. We start by crawling and analyzing your site to identify the most relevant topics on your article pages. Our Topic Portal service then automatically creates links to dynamic pages that showcase topic-targeted premium content from your site, partner sites, or blog network. These pages offer an effective way for you to allow your readers to discover and consume content about the topics that they are mostly interested in, while creating valuable new premium real estate for your site.

Readers who click through to a Topic Portal are intent driven, for they have expressed a strong interest in the particular topic. This self-segmentation process enables advertisers on topic pages to combine the term-targeting capabilities of SEM keyword buys with the multimedia and branding capabilities of display ads. Because of this, Topic Portal inventory is sold at premium rates, typically 5-10x that of average run-of-site rates and 2-3x the average section-targeted rates. Whether you choose to sell topic-targeted display ads to multiple advertisers or build a client-sponsored Topic Portal, these new pages are sure to become a hit with your key advertisers.

The Lingospot admin console allows you to take full advantage of this new revenue opportunity by managing and tracking your topic sponsorships with ease. You can, for example, choose to offer your clients individual topics, such as “exotic vacations” or “health insurance”, or package multiple topics under select categories such as “green energy topics”, “retirement topics”, or “automotive topics.” Finally, easy integration with all major ad-serving platforms and analytics programs ensures you have all the necessary data at your fingertips.

Your sales team will certainly appreciate the new revenue opportunities offered by Topic Portals, but Lingospot’s services will also be embraced by the other members of your organization. Your editors will appreciate having full control over topic selection and content sources, while utilizing the data about your readers’ up-to-the-minute topical interests. Your audience development team will benefit from the SEO and viral traffic generated by our services. If you are looking to build a network of blogs around your site, you will find our content sharing tools to be invaluable in helping you attract bloggers to your network. Finally, our services are priced on a performance basis. With no hefty setup fees or high monthly licensing fees, Topic Portals yield a positive ROI from day one.

Take the first step in capturing the full revenue potential of your site and contact us today to discuss how our services can work for you.

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