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A key challenge for today’s interactive brand marketers is driving repeat visits to their websites. Consumers have little reason to return to a product-centric site, unless they are specifically seeking product information. Hence, brands are missing out on the opportunity of using their website to build an ongoing online relationship with their target audience.

Lingospot addresses this challenge with its Content Portals product, which enables you, the brand marketer, to build a content-rich site around topics closely associated with your brand identity. This online destination, that consumers will want to visit regularly, creates a deeper relationship between your brand and your site’s visitors.

Content for your online destination is dynamically sourced from premium sites across the web, so there is no need to use expensive copywriters. In addition to aggregating targeted content from selected web sites, Content Portals enable brand marketers to communicate important product features and benefits, allowing consumers to easily discover relevant brand news and information.

Launching a Lingospot Content Portal involved three easy steps:

  1. Identify the topics that best communicate your brand attributes. For example, an energy drink may select “sky diving”, “kite surfing”, “extreme snowboarding”, etc.
  2. Select the sources that will be searched for content. For example, a brand of running shoes may select “Runner’s World”, “Running Times” and “Fitness Magazine” as well as videos, maps, images and, if desired, user generated content.
  3. Decide on the design template to be used for your Content Portal. You may choose to incorporate the portal as a section in your existing site, or create a new destination.

Once set up, Content Portals require no additional editorial or technical resource allocation - the pages are automatically generated and updated as often as you specify, while giving you full control over the content that appears on the portal.

Content Portals will help you build a loyal community around your brand, expand your customer base, drive sales, and build brand equity.

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