Topic Quotes Launched

June 12th, 2009 by Nikos

We recently launched a new module on our Topic Portals called Topic Quotes.

Here’s how it works: We use our natural language processing to scan through your article pages and look for quotes. When we find a quote, we determine the topics that the quote refers to, as well as who is being quoted. We add all this information in our Topic Quotes index for the specific publisher’s site. When we display a topic page, we search for the specific topic mentioned in the quote. If the topic happens to be a person, we will look for quotes by this person, as well as quotes about this person. For example, if the topic page is about Barack Obama, we will search for quotes both by Obama as well as quotes mentioning Obama. Here is an example from the on Barack Obama:

Clicking on a quote takes the reader to the article where the quote was found.

Topic Quotes has been made available as a standard module of our Topic Portals service, allowing any publisher subscribing to the service to enhance their topic pages with quotes.


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