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Lingospot's powerful technology starts with a deep understanding of your content. Unlike other companies, who only recognize named entities (places, people, companies, etc.), Lingospot's natural language processing technology identifies all topics on your pages, including concepts such as: "hybrid vehicles", "retirement planning", "college applications" and "exotic vacations". These topics are much more difficult to extract than named entities and require a deep semantics understanding of the content of each page. More importantly, these topics tend to be more compelling to readers and better suited for advertiser sponsorships than named entities.

Lingospot's page analysis is performed by our patented adaptive natural language processing algorithm, which is a machine-learning based system that resolves ambiguities common in human languages. Specifically, our engine resolves four main ambiguities:

  1. Part-of-speech, such as recognizing the difference between "ship," the noun and "ship" the verb.
  2. Phrasal boundaries, such as differentiating between identifying a topic as "swine", "swine flu" or "swine flu vaccine."
  3. Word senses, such as distinguishing, based on the context, whether "bat" refers to a baseball bat or the flying mammal.
  4. Parsing, whereby our system parses sentences down to their constituent parts to resolve long-distance dependencies.

This deep analysis, as opposed to the more common shallow keyword-based analysis, improves our understanding of content and allows us to more precisely search and organize it for your site's visitors.

Our patented natural language processing technology will analyze your pages and identify all topics, both named entities and concepts.
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Our proprietary ranking algorithm will use a number of inputs to calculate a relevance score and rank the topics recognized on your pages.
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Our aggregation technology is second to none, combining tremendous capabilities with the flexibility needed by today's editorial teams.
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We ensure the best experience for your visitors by combining our own hardware with the most reliable cloud infrastructure services.
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