What is Mixer?

Lingospot Mixer makes it easy for online editors to create unique, topic-targeted streaming content channels. First, editors combine their favorite feeds or wires to create a Mixer channel. For example, they can create a channel of their favorite blogs, their affiliate news properties, local coverage sites, photo sharing sites, etc. Once they have created a channel, Mixer makes it easy for editors to filter this channel based on topics and create hundreds or thousands of topically-focused streams automatically. For example, editors can filter all blog posts about "retirement planning", all news stories about the "BP Oil Spill", all local stories about a star quarterback, or all photos of a particular politician.

Mixer is remarkably flexible: by using it editors can create any number of Mixer channels, each with a unique blend of content types and sources, and apply numerous topic filters to these channels. The result is a powerful system to find just the right content for each occasion. With thousands of potentially relevant articles, photos and videos published daily, Mixer handles the heavy lifting for editors by organizing and presenting this content, allowing them to focus on expressing their unique editorial viewpoint and better serve their visitors.

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