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Who Uses Editor?

Editor is used by some of the world's largest and most prestigious online publishers and content aggregators, as well as aggressive and rising smaller niche publishers. Here are some examples of how Editor is being used:

  • Sky Sports uses Editor to automatically create pages about teams, players, competitions and other major athletic events and dynamically populate these pages with articles, videos, photos and related bets from Sky Bet.
  • USA Today and Gannett use Editor to create dynamically updating pages on major events and issues of interest, which in the past have included pages on the Cash for Clunkers program, Swine Flu, the BP Oil Spill, the Healthcare Reform, the Civil Rights movement, Black Friday, Back to School, Halloween and many others.
  • uses Editor to automatically create pages about financial topics such as "retirement planning", "unemployment rate", "mortgage refinancing" and hundreds of others. These pages are then dynamically populated with relevant articles from Forbes and their hand-picked bloggers as well as videos form their video network, financial definitions, etc.
  • uses Editor to create rich sections about specific topics of interest to professional nurses, such as how to help patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer or how to stay healthy within their physically demanding work environment and frequently lengthy shifts. These sections are typically sponsored and often include content contributed by a sponsor.


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