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How we will use Twitter

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Over the last year, Twitter has grown from having less than one million unique visitors per month to almost eight million, according to Compete. In fact, only in the last couple of months, the number of unique visitors has doubled.

Much has been written recently about the realtime search uses of Twitter, as well as some of the ways that companies are using Twitter for marketing purposes.

Lingospot recently signed up for a company Twitter account. As many of our team members have their own Twitter accounts, we wanted to let you know how we plan to use the company account. We will:

  • Update followers on new interesting blog posts on the Lingospot blog
  • Link to interesting articles, photos and videos
  • Answer questions about the Lingospot services
  • Post information about Lingospot events, conferences we attend, etc.

The Lingospot account will not be used for personal updates of the CEO the way that, for example, the Zappos account is used, but you can follow the CEO’s personal account for such updates.

We are still experimenting with Twitter and would welcome your feedback on how we can best use it to communicate with clients, partners and friends of Lingospot.