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  1. 6 votes

    Add capability to pull in full feed

    Please add as a setting to all feed mixers
    (Group 1 and 2 training)

  2. 5 votes

    Add confimation window after you've saved and published your page

    Editors did not know how to find the page they just created-- could the live page open in a new window, or a confirmation window with the URL show up?

  3. 4 votes
  4. 3 votes

    Allow more than 10 'search terms' per topic page

    Capability to have 10+ subtopics to a topic for projects such as NFL or Elections which require more keywords

  5. 3 votes

    Improve AP Photo Gallery content

    Content seems to be outdated, time stamps are often a day off

  6. 1 votes

    Improve Twitter widget integration

    Styling conflicts when a Twitter widget is embedded on a Lingospot page
    (Group 2 training session)

  7. 1 votes

    Change 'description' option in feed mixer settings to 'summary'

    Editors typically call this field summary rather than description
    (Irwin, Poughkeepsie)

  8. 1 votes
  9. 1 votes

    Images module should be named 'Flickr Photos'

    Unclear what the module in local log-ins entitled 'images' means

  10. 1 votes
  11. 1 votes
  12. 1 votes

    Module specific topics

    Allow different modules to be assigned to different topics. (on behalf of Shaun Gallagher, DelawareOnline)

  13. 1 votes

    Follow or subscribe to topics

    Audience can choose to subscribe to their favorite topics and be notified of new content from chosen content blocks on those topics through RSS, Email, Facebook, SMS, etc.

    Status: under review

    The RSS feature is implemented. We will review email and other ways to follow a topic and schedule accordingly.

  14. 1 votes

    Add descriptions for custom modules

    Modules such as Google Maps or Yelp Reviews could use more detail-- what information are they pulling in? when will they work?

  15. 1 votes

    Separate user-created dynamic content modules from Lingospot default modules

    Improve the ability to find modules user has created rather than Lingospot's 'default' modules

  16. 1 votes

    Add the 'preview within a template' function

    Need to be able to delete local stories if they are not relevant

  17. 1 votes
  18. 1 votes

    Add 'revision' functionality

    Allow better collaboration on portals-- how will Lingospot treat multiple editors working on the same page. Can different revisions be saved?

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